Contact Us Page

We are here to serve you. Please contact us if you need questions or city related issues solved.

How to contact us

  • Contact us on the City facebook page here: or by calling 573-676-5050.
  • If you have a Street Light that is out, Please call Callaway Electric and provide them with the number on the light pole. Callaway Electric phone number is 573-642-3326.

City Hall

509 Hilltop Drive, Mokane, MO 65059

Hours of Operation are posted on City hall door. If you are a new resident to the city requiring assistance please call the City telephone number at 573-676-5050 please be aware this is a voicemail only system you will not get a person to talk to regarding issues. For major issues call Mayor or City Alderman phone numbers listed here.

If you need law enforcement assistance contact the Callaway County Sheriff's Department at 573-642-7291.

Information Center

City Council Contact Information

Mayor, Chad Booher  573-220-9786

City Clerk, Tracy Hoffmann  573-645-4817

Alderman, Jo Belmont  573-220-8603 

 Kirk, Tara 573-544-3507

Alderman, Debbie Taylor 573-220-1417

Maintenance Director, Dennis Hoffmann 573-544-5928 


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